How does affect us the lack of calcium?

Calcium is the most important mineral found in our bodies. It is very good for our bones and bodily functions. Almost 99% of the calcium from our bodies is found in our bones. Though they are tough and hard as stone, the bones are still a living tissue which needs alimentation too. So, if they don’t get enough calcium they might get weaker and weaker and even break. Also, that 1% calcium that remains out of the bones is very important too. If the body doesn’t get it, it will start taking calcium from our bones.

intracalIt is recommended that an average person should take 1.000-1.300 milligrams of calcium per day. But, many people aren’t taking more than 800-900 milligrams of calcium per day.

Maybe you are asking yourselves how can we get calcium? Well, calcium is found the most in dairy products. Just imagine… Only a cup of milk contains approximately 300 milligrams of calcium. Also, fish, soy, green leafy vegetables and cereals are very high in calcium.

As I said earlier, that 1% calcium that is missing from bones is very important because it helps your body maintain a constant blood pressure, reduce the chances of making cancer and it also helps you maintain your weight.

Yes, you heard right. It helps you maintain your weight. If you want to lose some weight the first thing you must take care of are the levels of calcium in your body.

If the body doesn’t get enough calcium it will start taking it from your bones, weakening them. This is called calcium deficiency and it can be very dangerous sometimes.

How do we know if we suffer from calcium deficiency?

Calcium deficiency gives us some symptoms:

~ memory loss

~ bone pain

~ loss of height

~ depression

~ hallucination

~ muscle spasms

~ fractures that occur without any pain or trauma.

If you have any of these symptoms there is a pretty big chance that you are suffering from calcium deficiency.

There are many treatments and supplements for this disease but only few of them work.

One of them that really work is IntraCal.

IntraCal is the best natural treatment that fights against calcium deficiency because it is providing calcium directly into your skeletal tissue. It is made from an advanced mix of calcium orotate and magnesium orotate that is absorbed very easily by the bones.

It will take some time to make its job but you must take it if you want to:

~ have strong bones and teeth

~ have a healthy heart

~ be healthy during pregnancy (it is good for your child too)

And many others!

Here is a list of things you must do in order that IntraCal would do its best effect:

~ You must take it with meals.

~ You must avoid or reduce the amount of coffee, alcohol or chocolate because these items inhibit the body’s ability to absorb the calcium.

~ Exercise more often. It will also help your bones be healthy.

~ Get enough vitamin D because if you don’t get it the calcium will be absorbed much harder.

So, this treatment is really worth a shot if you are suffering from calcium deficiency… I promise that you will not be disappointed.