The treehouse my childhood dream

Someone told me one day that in there were houses in the trees for us adults. Just like our homes! So I started to visit and explore and found some of these wonderful homes.
I wondered how much freedom gives you a treehouse, how well do you feel living in such a house and especially how much calm of the air gives to you the landscape. In the heart of the forest, away from the bustle and traffic of the city, to find a place in which to live, it seems crazy.
The house itself is so beautiful that you will hardly believe that you live in the woods. Its construction is solid wood with a roof that protects you from any bad weather and furnished as everyone like. Hot water and other utilities are based on a generator or solar windows. So that’s some of a project! Is primarily ecological and useful then!

porchview outsideview

Nearby I see a lake and already my mind goes to fishing on the high bridge of the house! This is life!
So after I explored such houses in the trees, I go to action and I began to build my own house perched in the tree. Now I’m the proud owner of solid wood, silence, family calm with my kids and fishes all over the place! Yes, I even found a pond in the vicinity!
If you want, you can try it too and costs are not high, and satisfaction is guaranteed!

bed bed_

We’ve been talking lately with my friends and with various architects and builders about the idea of ​​building a treehouse. I know it sounds crazy, but my childhood dream materializes now, when I was an adult. My wife has always wanted peace, and children well, I think they will use a fresh air breath.
Accordingly of the are many benefits for which you have to make a treehouse:
– The silence you do not have in the city
– Fresh air perfect for anyone of us
– Easy materials to use in construction, wood otherwise
– Solar energy instead of traditional one
– Cheap cost of achieving
– Return on investment in a relatively short time
– You can do outdoor activities such will not have to pay to play sports
– You can have furniture in your house as useful as a normal
In other words, I started to build my perfect house. It took quite a bit, and it costs were calculated from the start. I managed to make a fairly large scale access!
I recommend to all people who want a quiet oasis to build or to buy a such home. Not necessarily permanent dwelling but even for a short relaxing vacation deserves. I find the perfect house that most of us would like it. My childhood dream house is now my house from reality. It is great to have our dreams come true, right?